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Here you can buy a voucher for Dinnerhopping.
There are various vouchers and vouchers for our various experiences andtours. If you don’t want to commit yet, you can simply buy a voucher. This has two advantages, the recipient can decide for himself and since all of our vouchers can also be combined, different people can have one Givepart of the amount.
But experience vouchers also have an advantage, so you can give the same voucher to several people and they can then take part in thisevent together. But if you can make an appointment, we recommend booking a ticket.
Basically nothing can happen, appointments can be rebooked free of charge up to 30 days before the tour and certain experience vouchers can also easily be booked for another experience. Behind every experience has a value and if another experience is booked, you have to make up the difference or you keep a remaining credit on your voucher.