Magic “Italian Style”

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Dining in a different way! „Best Dinner On The Road“

On our US School Bus we offer a different kind of experience. Enjoy the 3-course menu “Italian Style” on the way in the heart of Munich. Between the corridors you will be enchanted by one of our magicians. Experience magic moments and fascinating illusions.

Mit einen VIP-Ticket garantieren wir Ihnen einen Exklusiven Tisch. Nicht nötig bei einer Buchung mit 3 oder mehr Personen,


Leave everyday life far behind you and experience unique moments at Magic DinnerHopping in Munich.
For each course we drive to a selected restaurant, which spoils you with delicacies. Each course is served directly in our school bus. A relaxed atmosphere, attentive service, background music and good food and drink awaits you.
In this way, all the senses get their money’s worth with DinnerHopping.

For our Magic-Dinner we could win Felix Walter, who will take you into the world of magic with his solo show, “Unexplainable before your eyes”. Because of his dexterity and techniques, the close-up artist has already been highly praised several times by the president of the Magic Circle.
During the show, you too will ask yourself, “How does he do it?”
Enjoy extraordinary magic and unforgettable moments in our bus.

The three-part show begins after the appetizer with a 15-minute front show. In which coins, cards and balls disappear and reappear in unexpected places.
After the main course and dessert our magician will walk from table to table and enchant you individually. During his close-ups you can experience Felix Walter up close.
The other guests can look over his shoulders and look forward to him coming to your table while table hopping.

Here, too, the demand was constantly growing. Therefore Felix asked around the magic circle and recommended the young newcomer Oskar to us. Oskar could convince right from his first tour.
Here is a quote from Tripadvisor from the tour on 26.11.2018: “Even though the magician looked a little young, he enchanted us in the true sense of the word!
The German Youth Vice Champion in Salon Magic 2018 fits perfectly to our Magic Dinner.
It is great fun to see his illusions at close range – see for yourself!