Dinnerhopping–Extraordinary Dinner & CityTour in the US SchoolBus

    You are looking for a dinner of the special kind in Munich? A real “Magic Moment” for you to experience or to give away as a special gift?

    Then you are most certainly going to be interested in our one of a kind Dinner-Road-Show Dinnerhopping in our rolling restaurant diner, the secret culinary location in Munich. In the bright city lights, you will be able to experience this nocturnal city tour which will also be a delight for your taste buds, a first class private bus driver who’s American style cannot be trumped and a special experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon. A fantastic dinner, chosen drinks, perfect service, thrilling highlights and the special charm of our specially equipped original US-school bus-bar: all this put together creates our special Dinnerhopping experience.But before you drive off into the night, you will of course be personally greeted with an appetizing welcoming aperitif, during which you will get to know the best of what we have to offer for you: the queen of our bus fleet – the crown super coach straight out of Los Angeles, California.

    What makes our crown super coach is its story!

    When we flew to America in the winter of 2013 to go on a road trip from California to Texas rating three special crown buses on our way, we quickly made our mind up which one we were going to pick. Although the first bus we got to see in Malibu Beach was out of question straight away, we found a wonderful and brilliantly maintained old timer jewel built 1974. We had to have this classic! This decision was probably also due to our first sighting of the bus – during the sunset in Flagstaff was when we saw it. Shimmering yellow in the sinking sun of Arizona. The decision to get this bus may have also been because of the extraordinary owner, the chief of the Wide Ruins Apache son, Juan Beasley (Chief Yellow Horse), who’s fondness for this crown super bus rubbed off on us right away. Or maybe it was simply the facts that convinced us: A bodywork made completely out of aluminum, just like the well-known Air Stream, about 1 million miles on the clock, so over 1.5 million kilometers, a NTC 420 N14Cummins-Motor with monstrous 420 horsepower and 14 litters cubic capacity, which is switched with a non-synchronized 5-gear gearbox? No. It was all of these fantastic facts mentioned above and the unbelievably well-kept condition of the bus.

    These were the reasons we just had to buy this bus.  As soon as the purchase was made, we gave back our rental car and drove the bus to the harbor in Galveston, Texas. We then flew from Houston back to Germany. Once we arrived back home, we couldn’t wait for our bus to arrive. Finally, after a twenty-day ship journey our “new” bus finally arrived in Bremerhaven. As soon as we picked it up we drove straight to our garage. Our goal: To give our bus as much California-Feeling and originality as possible and also as much comfort as possible. Whilst doing all this we were trying to equip an old timer with new features, but still keeping the 1970’s flair. To do this we first plumped the seats of the bus and covered them with real high-quality leather. Between every two rows of seats we installed an original Diner-Table straight out of the 70’s. Typical for this era, the neon lighting gives the bus an authentic lighting. Even the sound comes out of a BOSE sound system – manufactured 1970. In the back of the bus you will find a US-Diner-Counter with chilled drinks. Of course we were keeping by all the H-Guidelines whilst renovating our bus. The final result: A rolling diner with charm and class. Your experience: An exclusive, as well as tasty drive through the nightlife of the city of your choice in our Bus-Bar – welcome to Dinnerhopping!

    What exactly is Dinnerhopping?

    With our dining road trip you will find yourself on a culinary adventure – both romantically just you and your partner or with a group of friends. During your travel with us we will be chauffeured in our noble old timer bus, past the beautiful sights of Munich or Erding and of course to the best restaurants in town. There we will make a stop with our bus and you will be exclusively served by our best and also cheeky waiters – inside the bus. And you will see: with your first course doesn’t only begin your extraordinary Dinner but a special sensual pleasure for your taste buds and a great communion feeling. Because this bus journey creates a special feeling for everyone inside and also around the rolling diner, as you will be able to see when all the smiling faces are waving at you in awe whilst the retro diner drives by them – the feeling is indescribable, you just have to witness it first-hand. Course for course. Restaurant for restaurant. Because the real Dinnerhopping experience includes a different menu for every restaurant we visit, during which we will be seeing more and more of the beautiful city lights of Munich.

    How many courses does the Dinnerhopping experience include?

    Our classic Dinnerhopping includes, next to the tour in our “Crown Supercoach”, a delicious 3-course meal. We will be driving past three specially picked restaurants in your city of choice. This special evening begins with an appetizing starter, served by a waiter straight form the first restaurant. The highlight of your evening will be the delicious main course. And the waiter of the third restaurant – of course of your choice – will serve a classic dessert. This experience is available in an Italian, as well as a US-variant. During and in-between your meals you will be served your specially picked chilled Beverage’s by our observant bus-service-team.

    What’s special about Dinner-Show “American Live Act”?

    Saturday evening for us is all about American specialties. Alongside our 4-course menu you will be served with amazing live music! The charming Gabriela Jorge will blow you away with her amazing vocals. Gabriela will make your evening just that much more special with her delightful songs ranging from Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Aretha Franklin and other musical legends. Or bus has been equipped with the best event technologies out there to make sure to get the best out of this private live show, course for course. Song for song. Of course if you feel up for it, you can have a sing-a-long to your favorite songs, because this is your special evening, your exclusive diner and your Dinnerhopping.

    What are the exact details of the culinary city tour?

    Depending on what city you picked, Munich or Erding, we will let you know the exact meeting location and time. Usually we meet in a distinctive as well as easy to find location close to local stations, so even people new to the city will be able to find us easily and we can start our bus tour on time. After you have taken your seats you will be served with an aperitif. Everyone on board? The exclusive culinary trip can begin!

    How long does the special dinner-experience road tour take?

    Our themed evenings “Bella Italia” and “Texas Classic” include a three course meal and both take three hours. Our Saturday evening event, the American four course meal special “American Live Act”, takes four hours.

    Which services does Dinnerhopping offer?

    The whole ride in our specially equipped restored bus, fitted with a great bar, is of course inclusive. Depending on whether you decided on our Gourmet-Tour with a three course meal including starter, main course and desert or for the Dinner-Show including a four course meal and live music, the food arrangement as well as the music will be included in the price. Additionally to this you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverages such as water, cola, lemonsoda, beer, hugo, sprizz, white- and red wine as well as coffee to the deserts without any additional charges. And as a welcoming gift to our old timer city tour, we would like to invite you to a welcoming aperitif on us!

    Which meals will delight your taste buds with our “Bella Italia” gourmet menu?

    Typical Italian! That’s the best way to describe our Bella Italia lineup of food. Every course beautifully presented. Every bite a breeze of summer. For this, we will be visiting the best Italian restaurants in town. All you have to do is enjoy:

    • Primo: Vitello Tonnato,
    • Secondo: Tris di Pasta,
    • Tertio: Panna Cotta Fragole.

    What about our American three course menu “Texas Classic”?

    You will be able to taste the legendary “American Way of Life” course for course. Because our motto is “Typical Texas” and you be able to taste why as soon as the food starts rolling in. Taste it!

    • First: Caesars Salad,
    • Second: Spareribs,
    • Third: Strawberry Cheesecake.

    And last but not least, what can you expect in our American four course menu special “Live Act”?

    “More than a feeling” – that is our promise to you when you pick our specially arranged Texas menu. You will be led to best the American culinary addresses in Munich. Wow!

    • First: Caesars Salad,
    • Second: Soup according to season,
    • Third: Filet laces, Fourth: Strawberry Cheesecake.


    Group requests:

    Starting from a group of four people we can offer you special conditions. Just enter the code when booking tickets and you will receive the following discounts:

    • Starting from 4 people, Group 4, 5% discount
    • Starting from 8 people, Group 8, 8% discount
    • Starting from 12 people, Group 12, 10% discount

    Starting form 6 people and booked at least 6 weeks in advance you will be able to pick your preferred date and starting from 10 people you will be able to exclusively rent the bus for the night.

    We would happily present you with your very own offer and we look forward to welcoming you personally to our Dinnerhopping experience. All offers are non-committal and of course free! You are not obligated to accept any offers given and your information will not be sent on to third parties. To send you a detailed offer, please fill in the information below.

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